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Tyrone Senior Football Championship: Making final all that matters to O’Hagan

Coalisland made it safely through to the Tyrone senior championship final when they got the better of Kildress at O’Neill Park Dungannon on Saturday afternoon by 3-04 to 0-8 in front of almost 3000 supporters.

In the end the Fianna were worthy winners, but their manager Damian O’Hagan acknowledged that it wasn’t one of their better performances.

“We didn’t play well and a lot of credit has to go to Kildress for the way that they set themselves up, but at the end of the day it was all about the result,” said O’Hagan.

“From my experiences it’s always better to play poorly in the semi-final and win and it gives us something to work on for the decider.”

A Paddy McNeice side line ball went all the way to the Kildress net after only four minutes, but Coalisland failed to score for the rest of the first-half as they trailed 0-5 to 1-1 at the break with centre half back Fran Loughran and Des Treacy scoring a brace each for Kildress.

In the second-half Plunkett Kane got an early Coalisland goal and when McNeice got his second major in the final quarter it was all over, Paul O’Neill and Frank McGurk with second-half consolation points for Kildress.

Coalisland: J Curran, L O’Neill, P Donnelly, L Wylie, S McNally, N Kerr, P O’Farrell (0-1), P Toner, P Kane (1-1),S Curran (0-1), B Toner, D Thornton, M Early, P McNeice (2-0), G Toner (0-1). Subs: P McGahan for Early, C Bayne for Kerr, T O’Hagan for Thornton, N Fox for G Toner.

Kildress: G Grimes, S Kelly, S Hagan, P McKenna, M Grimes, F Loughran (0-2), D McNally, P McGurk, M Loughran, C McAleer, D Treacy (0-2), P Treacy, F McGurk (0-2), D Kelly, P O’Neill (0-2). Subs: G Treacy for Grimes, P Lennon for P Treacy, N Quinn for Kelly.

Referee: E McConnell (Clogher).

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