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Brolly vows to confront Cavanagh over cynical Tyrone tactics

By Colm Keys

Joe Brolly has continued his crusade against cynical fouling in Gaelic football by insisting that he would tell Sean Cavanagh what he thought of his challenge on Conor McManus in last weekend's All-Ireland quarter-final should he meet him.

Brolly also claimed that cynical play is being "systematically coached" at underage level in Tyrone and that "personal relationships" are being affected by the level of cynicism that Tyrone and other teams have engaged in.

The former Derry footballer said he couldn't dilute the depth of feeling he had on Saturday after Tyrone's victory.

"I'll tell him to his face, you can be sure of that. People say: 'Would you not say it to his face?' I said it in front of a million people," he commented.

"I'll stand my ground on it and I'll say it to him face to face, don't you worry abut that. I have spoken to him about it before. It's an obscenity against the ideals of sport and I've told him: 'stop doing it, be a man.'"

Brolly repeated that he was 'calling out' Tyrone because Cavanagh and manager Mickey Harte are well able to defend themselves.

"It has been coached. It is being coached at underage level," said Brolly.

"I know they have been systematically coaching it. How to hold them down; when too hold them down; how to disrupt momentum. It is no secret that it is being coached in Tyrone. There are other teams doing it as well. This is bigger than Mickey Harte and Sean Cavanagh, but they are the big guys and are well capable of defending themselves.

"I can see it at underage level. We can see it when we go to tournaments. It is damaging the fabric of the game and it is damaging relationships."


Last night he posted a tongue-in-cheek picture on his Twitter account showing a group of young players at training piling on top of each other with the caption: "Coaching the tackle at u14 training".


Brolly said he he never expected the reaction he got for his outburst on Sunday.


"There was shocked silence in the studio. Parents have approached me, coaches. There have been hundreds of phone calls to the house. It shines a light on it. For too long we have glossed over this because of personal relations," he said.

The tongue-in-cheek picture posted by Joe Brolly


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