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Volunteer first for Ulster GAA

The Ulster GAA Council is the first sports governing body to achieve Investing in Volunteers a UK Quality Standard which recognises commitment to good practice in volunteer management and is led by Volunteer Now in Northern Ireland.

Wendy Osborne OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Volunteer Now said “we are delighted that the Ulster GAA Council has achieved the Investing in Volunteers Standard, it is a tremendous recognition for the important contribution of volunteers”.

“There are 40 organisations in Northern Ireland publicly demonstrating their commitment to good practice through achievement of this Award and improving volunteers’ experiences”.

“We would recommend that any volunteer-involving organisation, big or small, should take part in Investing in Volunteers, to build upon their strengths and take their organisation and volunteers’ to new heights”.

Speaking after obtaining Investing in Volunteers Ulster GAA President Aogán Ó Fearghail said: “The GAA is all about volunteers.

“We are proud of our amateur and volunteer ethos where everyone involve in the Association give their time and energy freely because we share a love and passion for our games and culture.

“Obtaining Investing in Volunteers Standard has been a significant achievement for Ulster GAA Council.We are the first governing sports body to secure this award and we are very proud of that accolade.

“Having the Standard is much more than a plaque on the wall, it has helped Ulster GAA Council to improve and update our volunteer policies and practices.

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