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We weren't good enough, says Gavin


Annoyed: Jim Gavin felt Dublin didn’t play to their usual standards
Annoyed: Jim Gavin felt Dublin didn’t play to their usual standards
Declan Bogue

By Declan Bogue

While Peter Keane skilfully swerved the questions of Jonny Cooper's sending off, Jim Gavin answered it in only Jim Gavin's way.

"We need time, it's hard to know, both players were grappling. In the second half we could have gotten one or two calls which could have gone our way, they didn't, so you just dust yourself down and go again.

"I thought he was doing okay (Cooper). David Clifford is a fantastic player.

"There seemed to be (pressure) from the outside, but David Gough is one of the top officials in the game."

And asked about why the sides weren't levelled up with a second yellow for Tom O'Sullivan, he batted it away.

"Some days the calls go for you, in that instance (O'Sullivan) it went against us but overall you wouldn't be looking at that as an excuse. It's just the performance from ourselves wasn't good enough, but we have an opportunity the next day to try to rectify that."

Still though. This was the first game since the 2014 All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Donegal that we saw Jim Gavin not getting something glaringly obvious right. The smart thing would have been to instantly change Cooper's marking role on Clifford as Kerry were trying to get him on ball in front of goal.

Was he disappointed he didn't spot it? "No," was all he said back. Interesting.

While he maintained that: "I thought the players on the pitch were doing phenomenally well against a super side like Kerry," he then said something of his overriding emotions of the draw.

"Just disappointed with our performance, that's the overriding thought.

"As I said, the resilience the Dublin players showed to be on the ropes as such and to still to keep moving and keep creating scoring chances, keep turning the ball over, that's obviously the impressive piece, but overall in the expanse of the game, just not good enough from the standards the players set for themselves, not what I set for them.

"I know when they reflect they'll have a lot to say and all we've done today by getting a draw is give ourselves an opportunity to come out again here in 13 days and hopefully get a better performance and if we can do that hopefully we'll be there or thereabouts at the end of the game."

Perhaps the landmark achievement of gaining five consecutive All-Ireland titles and changing history is an added pressure.

Is it?

"It might be in yours, if you're saying it, but from our perspective every day that we go out, no more so than today, it's about trying to perform to the best of your ability," said Gavin.

"It wasn't good enough today, simple as that."

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