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Biting Back: Rory McIlroy thrives under this type of pressure

By Jim Gracey

It's open season in golf again... into what's going on inside Rory McIlroy's head.

Soon it will be time for the hardy annual red-top headlines... famous, multi-millionaire, young, free and single sportsman dates girl shock.

But, for now, we must be content with the amateur psychologists stuck for a line at the back of the book.

Today's muses in the 'serious' papers concern the likely injury absence of Tiger Woods from the Masters at Augusta next month and the supposed implications for Rory.

What's the connection? Well, according to the experts, no Tiger will mean more pressure on Rory in terms of media attention focussed upon him. Like he hasn't been there before?

Like after his 2011 Masters meltdown when he went on to win the US Open two months later? Like this time last year when he emerged from the intense focus of a false start to his season, much like this one, and the turmoil of a very public broken engagement to win not one, but two Majors, the Open and US PGA, and also finish up as World No1?

Only Rory knows what goes on inside Rory's head and the rest of us can make up our own minds. If the above is what he does when he's supposedly perturbed and under pressure, wouldn't you love to see him relaxed?

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