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'Get in the hole!' – a brief history

After every one of Team USA's shots during the Ryder Cup, you could guarantee that at least one beer-fuelled idiot in the crowd would break the post-shot silence by shouting "Get in the hole!"

The refrain – both genuine and ironic – has become a common cry at major golf tournaments, to the immense irritation of rational-minded people everywhere.

"It definitely comes from America, where it has been exacerbated by the stadium-style golf that they have tried to organise on the PGA tour," says Shaun McGuckian of Golf Punk magazine. "It's trying to be funny with the imagination of a nation that can only chant three letters (U-S-A). It gets louder as the beer flows." But we're not without such banter ourselves, notably those droll wags at Wimbledon who still think shouting: "Come on, Tim!" at Andy Murray is as funny as it was in 2006.

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