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Golfer scores two holes-in-one in one round

A 64-year-old widow achieved a rare feat in golf that not even Tiger Woods has managed by scoring two holes-in-one during a single round.

Ruth Day, from Tynemouth, North Tyneside, defied odds estimated at around 67 million to one when she scored two aces at Whitley Bay Golf Club.

Mrs Day, a retired British Gas showroom manager with a handicap of 35, was delighted to achieve her first hole-in-one on the 149-yard third hole while playing socially with a friend, as many keen players go their entire golfing career without an ace.

But she then joined an elite list of golfers to score two in a single round at the tougher 13th hole, which is 161 yards long.

Mrs Day told the Journal newspaper: "I have been playing golf for about 10 years.

"Some people go through their whole life and never get a hole-in-one."

Tiger Woods, arguably the best player ever to grace the game, has scored two holes-in-one in professional tournaments, and around 18 away from formal competitions, but he has never had two in one round.

Frank Elliott, Whitley Bay Golf Club secretary, said Mrs Day's achievement had delighted members.

"It is even more unusual because it's not someone with a very low handicap."

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