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Grant to help Newcastle prepare for Irish Open in May


Difficult remit: Mervyn Storey

Difficult remit: Mervyn Storey

Difficult remit: Mervyn Storey

A £21,500 pot of funding has been provided by the Department of Social Development to help Newcastle prepare for the Irish Open Golfing Championship in May.

Down District Council will use the funding to improve the appearance of properties and derelict sites in Newcastle town centre.

DSD Minister Mervyn Storey said: "This is another great opportunity for all the people of Northern Ireland to show their support for sporting events here which will have a worldwide audience. "An important factor in hosting this event is ensuring that we do our best to create a welcoming and attractive town centre for the many visitors and tourists expected to arrive in support of these prestigious golfers."

Mr Storey said the funding would be used to improve buildings and derelict sites.

"Not only will these works improve the appearance of the town during this tournament, but local people and traders will benefit from a revitalised town centre that will last beyond the event itself," he added.

Down District councillor William Walker said: "The hosting of the Golf Open in Newcastle in May is a major event for council. I am delighted that the Department for Social Development has been able to support the council in its effort to ensure the town looks its best by providing funding to enhance derelict buildings.

"This funding will make a considerable contribution to the preparations for the golf event."

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