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The Masters: Adam Scott in no mood to let go of green jacket


Champion: Adam Scott is out to retain his Masters title

Champion: Adam Scott is out to retain his Masters title

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Champion: Adam Scott is out to retain his Masters title

Adam Scott is not too thrilled by the prospect of leaving his green jacket at Augusta National at the end of the week, but fortunately for the world number two there is a solution.

"Coming back is something I've really been looking forward to, but as the last week came by I also realised it would be time for me to bring the green jacket back and leave it here maybe," Scott said yesterday.

"So that motivated me to work harder last week at home and try and get myself into some kind of form that can maybe go back-to-back and keep the jacket for another year."

Only three players have won back-to-back Masters titles; Jack Nicklaus in 1965 and 1966, Nick Faldo in 1989 and 1990 and Tiger Woods in 2001 and 2002.

But with world number one Woods absent after undergoing back surgery last week, Scott feels that he can justifiably take the 14-time major winner's place as the man to beat in the year's first major championship.

"I think over the last couple of years, I could definitely say I've been quietly confident coming to the majors. I've seen my form improve and the way I've played the majors get better and better, so yeah, I've felt that way a couple of times," Scott said.

"I think in the past it's been easy to go to events and look at a guy who is the guy to beat. I think that scope has kind of broadened now. There's probably a list of 20 guys you could go through here, but if they play well, they are going to be there on Sunday at some point.

"That's how I see it this week. I'd like to think my name is one of those guys and I feel like I'm going to be one of the guys who has got a chance if I play well this week."

Scott has made no secret of enjoying his year as Masters champion, revealing last month that by the time he arrived back at Augusta this week he would probably have worn his green jacket "about 365 times." The 33-year-old admits he is keen to get back into action.

"I think I'll be ready to get inside the ropes and compete," added Scott.

"I'm trying to balance everything the best I can and enjoy it. It's something I've been looking forward to this whole year.

"The nerves and anticipation will build and I'll feel like it's just another major championship to go and play."

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