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McDowell reveals Monty twitter talk

US Open champion Graeme McDowell insisted European captain Colin Montgomerie had not banned his team from using Twitter but had simply urged them to "be sensible".

Montgomerie gave the advice after seeing England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, among others, get himself in trouble with comments made on the microblogging site, but Northern Irishman McDowell does not believe this amounts to a total ban on 'tweets'.

He said: "Monty doesn't want to go banning Twitter or social network sites, we are all adults. It goes without saying that we are not going to say something that would unduly affect our team or give any strategy or secrets or tactics away."

He added: "He simply just said to us, 'Be sensible. Don't be saying anything stupid'. He trusts us to obviously not do anything too stupid out there.

"I think we all realise that social networking sites go straight into the papers and straight onto all forms of media around the world. There's been some pretty famous mistakes made on Twitter in the past few months and he just said to us to be careful and obviously watch what we say.

"We are not banned, but I don't think we'll be going crazy on it, either."


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