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McGinley tribute to Seve

European golf has had so much to smile about lately, but not this weekend and not for a while - not after the death of the man Paul McGinley has described as the game's Elvis Presley.

At the age of only 54, Seve Ballesteros passed away at home in Pedrena at 2.10am on Saturday after his long battle against a brain tumour.

"I used to say to him and he used to laugh that he reminded me a lot of Elvis Presley," said McGinley. "I know that's a big thing to say, but not just in trail-blazing but also in looks - I don't think it's too high a thing to say that he was very comparable."

He continued: "What I remember is the charisma and the passion. The Ryder Cup would not be what it is without Seve. He led the charge.

"Nobody in the golf game has ever had the same charisma. When he smiled the whole world smiled with him - it's the old saying. He had that ability.

"And it was the same when he scowled - everybody knew how Seve was feeling. His emotions were multiplied by 10 all the time.

"You could easily read Seve and I think that's what endeared him so much to so many people, especially the people in Britain and Ireland. I think that's where he had his greatest affinity with the golfing public.

"Seve was one of those guys where if you liked him he liked you back 10 times more, and if you didn't like Seve he hated you 10 times more.

"He was that kind of personality. Yes he had his moments and his brushes with authorities, but that's what kind of made him.

"He lived his life in a very emotional way and that's made him so endearing."


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