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Pain in the neck for Padraig

Padraig Harrington was expected back for the second round of The Masters today despite neck trouble and a 77 start that matched his worst-ever round at Augusta.

"It's tough when you can't hit the shots," said the three-time major winner. "It's very disappointing. I prepared very well, I was in good form, but it was not to be - such is life.

"I nearly pulled out before I started, but I wouldn't - that's just my nature. And, knowing me, I would never fail to finish. I take some pride in that."

Harrington has had similar trouble in the past and added: "I always have to be wary.

"I was swinging the left-handed shot, just warming up and it just kind of clicked. I'm not able to move to my right.

"It's always going to happen sometimes. I would love to tell you that there's more I could do - aside from cutting my head off!

"I didn't get a warm-up really at all. I spent about two minutes on the putting green because I had to get treatment.

"I didn't take any pain killers. I was hoping it would go away, but it actually got worse on the course - maybe I should have. It didn't cross my mind."


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