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Biting Back: Less focus on Rory McIlroy's life outside golf course

By Jim Gracey

Here is the latest on Rory McIlroy, according to the national Press. On Sunday, as he prepared for a tee shot on his way to winning the WGC Bridgestone golf title, an attractive young lady was spotted fixing her hair.

There were unconfirmed reports that Rory may have smiled in her direction. Regardless, the young lady in question later made headlines with the stunning admission that she wouldn't mind a date with the world famous, multi-millionaire sportsman.

All this, just as we were getting over the revelation that, in the aftermath of his Open victory, the young, free and single professional globe-trotter enjoyed some downtime back home in the company of a similarly unattached local young career girl.

The following day, it was reported, his 'love interest' visited a shop on her lunch break and emerged with a packet of crisps and a diet Coke. How extraordinary. The flavour of crisps was not disclosed.

Previously, we have learned of Rory's changes of hairstyle, motor vehicle, place of abode and that, at this moment in time, he doesn't consider marriage an option. Basically the stuff lads and lasses in their early 20's tend to do.

Given his lifestyle and opportunities, it would be a story if he was living like a monk at home with Rosie and Gerry between tournaments and tucked up in bed by 10 o'clock.

In other news, this credit to his country, his family and, above all, himself, embarks this evening on his bid to win a second major golf title in three weeks, having earned £25m on the course this year.

You can read all about that at the back of the papers, that place the serious journalists responsible for the aforementioned frivolity call the Toyshop. I'm away to fix my hair.

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