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From a 10-person house to luxury glamping: The 10 cheapest Airbnbs left in Portrush for the Open Championship

Portrush is all set for the Open Championship and there are still some Airbnbs available.
Portrush is all set for the Open Championship and there are still some Airbnbs available.
Gareth Hanna

By Gareth Hanna

It's now only 10 days until the start of the 148th Open Championship and Portrush is braced for an influx of around 190,000 golf fans. So where are they all going to stay?

Anybody hoping to get a bed in the town itself would have been well advised to have been looking into it long before now.

But that's not to say Portrush is full to capacity - not yet anyway.

There are still 14 Airbnbs left to rent for the Championship days of the tournament - Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21.

We've had a look and split it down into cost per person for the three-night stay, ranking the top 10 in terms of affordability.

While that, of course, depends on how many people are staying, we've included all the details of how many friends you need to round up to make each stay most cost effective.

If you can get nine pals to join in, there's one fancy-looking house available for less than £70 per person, per night and there's also some glamping on offer, complete with a shuttle bus to Royal Portrush, for £85 per person, per night.

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Here's a look the 10 cheapest full properties left to rent, ranked in order of price per person, providing you can fill the house. Just click on each title to visit the Airbnb page:

1. Golf Open 2019: £1,640 (Up to eight people)

Everybody familiar with economies of scale? It's a key factor in the last minute house search game.

The cheapest option still available requires seven friends to be willing to come and stay with you for three nights.

Approximately 1.5 miles away from Royal Portrush and even closer to the town centre, this one can comfortably sleep eight people, four in a pair of double beds and the other four in bunks.

So if you've got a big group heading down for the golf, you can get a potential price per person of £205.

Airbnb 5.jpg
It's the cheapest house (per person) left in Portrush during the Open Chamoionship days.

2. Luxurious coastal escape: £2,079 (Up to 10 people)

Here's a real luxurious looking home available at a decent price if your group is too big for the one above. With seven beds available in three bedrooms, this house can comfortably sleep 10 people, giving a potential per person cost of £208. There's a homely living room, a big wooden table for group meals and a breakfast bar. (Am I allowed to say this one's my favourite? I just did.)

Airbnb 10 people.jpg
The stunning house available for less than £70 per person, per night in Portrush during The Open.

3. Portrush apartment - Available for Golf Open 2019: £1,368 (Up to six people)

Yes, another one for the group trippers. We did warn you that was a theme.

With bed space for six people in this apartment, the price per person is down at £228 for the three nights. Those sleeping arrangements are three separate rooms, two double beds and a set of bunks. There's even a sizeable cot as well.

It's got a partial sea view from the living room (as can be seen in the photos).

Airbnb 3.jpg
A fire and a sea view. Well, fingers crossed the fire won't be need during The Open.

4. Ramore retreat Portrush: £1,501 (Up to six people)

This one's another house that can comfortably sleep six people. Once again, if you can get five mates rounded up, you can get the price per person down, this one to £250 each. The plus point of this one is location to the town centre, situated right out on Ramore Head.

5. Boutique Camping - The Open 2019: £1,025 (Four people)

Ok this one's a bit of a cheat in that it's not through Airbnb. There is a glamping tent at the same venue left to book on Airbnb, but its price is £1,963 for four people as it's the more extravagant 'Yippee Palace' style tent.

If you're looking for a cheaper option go to the Yippee Tents website (link above), where you can book a glamping tent for four people for £1,025 for the three nights during the tournament. That makes for a price per person of £257. Including continental breakfast, car-parking and a shuttle bus to and from the course, it's a good option still available.

6. British Open Bungalow: £1,039 (Up to four people)

This bungalow is an option for four people in the town itself. Just 0.8 miles from Royal Portrush GC, up to four people can stay here for £1,039 - that's a potential cost of £260 per person for the three night stay. The sleeping arrangement feature two rooms, one kingsize bed and one double.

7. Open for the Open £1,905 (Up to seven people)

Well it wouldn't be Portrush without caravans, would it? There's one van up for offer in Portrush and it couldn't be better in terms of location. It's just across the road from Royal Portrush GC itself. It's got three bedrooms and can sleep seven people, bringing in a potential cost per person of £272.15.

Airbnb caravan.jpg
The caravan is VERY handy to Royal Portrush GC.

8. 10 Minutes Walk to Royal Portrush: £1,582 (Up to five people)

The main plus point to this Airbnb is that it has actually been used before and therefore has reviews already on the site. Ranked five stars for its previous ratings, its only five to 10 minutes walk to both Royal Portrush and to the town centre. It's a terrace house that can sleep five people in two double beds, a single and a 'small double'. The cost per person, if five people are staying, is at £316.40 per person.

Airbnb terrace.jpg
It's the only one of the top 10 cheapest houses available that has got a bank of Airbnb reviews.

9. Portrush Bungalow: £1,905 (Up to six people)

This one is listed as just a three minute walk to Royal Portrush and is also handy to the town centre. The recently refurbished bungalow has a gas barbecue there for you to use and can comfortably sleep six. That brings up a potential per person cost of £317.50.

10. Cosy Bungalow: £1,940 (Up to six people)

Sneaking into the top 10 is a bungalow that is 'a brisk 10 minute stroll to the centre of Portrush'. The per person cost, if you are in a six person group, is £323.30. The lister says this one's in a quiet location and is perfect for families.

What if there are only two of us?

Well, you're going to have to either make friends or pay more if you want to stay in Portrush. Any of the above properties can be booked by a couple. There's also an apartment available that can sleep just two people and it's got a per person cost of £563.

Details correct on properties available at time of publishing.

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