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Three holes in one in three days

Any hole in one at Rockmount’s par-three third hole is quite an achievement.

But to see three scored there on consecutive days had members shaking their heads in disbelief.

At 213 yards, merely finding the putting surface from the tee is a tough enough ask.

All three were scored in open competition off the white tees. First up was visitor Trevor Turnbull from Lurgan who hit a three wood.

Rockmount member Edward Godfrey matched it the following day with his hybrid wood.

And then Stephen McMillan, a Greenacres member, hit the third ace, muscling a seven iron straight in.

“To have three holes in one three days in a row was strange enough,” says Rockmount owner Robert Patterson.

“But the really unique thing was that they came at the third which is by far the hardest par three on the course.

“We have an honours board in the clubhouse which records all the holes in one scored by members in competition.

“Most of them have come at the 16th or the ninth and the third has the least by some distance.”

Four-handicapper McMillen, a final year sports studies student at Jordanstown, came home with 41 points that day, fired up by his ace at the third.

“I would be something of a long hitter but I struck it very well,” he said.

“I did play well that day.”

Godfrey, 62, a retired civil servant, said he was hoping against hope as he walked to the green.

“I knew I had struck it well and I knew it was on the green but the ball disappeared as you can’t see the bottom of the flag from the tee,” the 28-handicapper said.

“We still couldn’t see it when we got to the green so I looked in the cup and there it was.

“It’s my first hole in one and, to be honest, I’d never even thought about getting one. I normally don’t even reach that green.”

It was also a first for 59-year-old sales director Turnbull, who plays off 17.

“I decided to take a three wood and we saw the ball bounce on the green and then just disappear so there was a lot of jumping and shouting going on at the tee,” he says.

“Then as we were walking towards the green I began to doubt that it had gone in the hole and one of my partners said it might have rolled off the back.

“But when we got up to the hole there the ball was.”

Moira man Trevor was playing with wife Eleanor in the mixed open competition and the five points his hole in one earned helped them to 39 points overall and first place.

“My wife’s a very steady driver and that keeps us going,” he said.

“It was a great day for all of us.”

This week is the 15th anniversary of the south Belfast club which was officially opened by Darren Clarke in 1995.

“People say it looks older than its 15 years but we’ve planted some 35,000 trees out there and that’s what gives it its mature look,” says Robert.

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