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US golf bosses slammed over washout

“So long suckers!” — New York's Daily Post led the tirade against the US Golf Association with this strap line on their back page yesterday.

The US Open hosts took brickbats in the media for suggesting that the 34,000 people who paid $100 per ticket for Thursday's ‘washout' would not be refunded their money or granted admission over the weekend.

Well the barrage of bad publicity yielded a result of sorts yesterday as USGA Executive Director David Fay said Thursday's ticket-holders would be admitted free on Monday if, as seems likely, the event goes into a fifth day.

Fay pointed out that safety and transport issues made it impossible to offer Thursday's rain-sodden spectators admission at the weekend.

The event was already sold-out and they were not permitted, by health and safety authorities, to exceed this figure.

Though Fay said “sorry” to fans who had just three hours and 15 minutes play on Thursday, he pointed out that the R&A interpret a full day's play as more than two hours.

The same formula applies at Wimbledon while the “magic number” for the US Open Tennis at Flushing Meadow is 90 minutes.

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