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Lewers lands UK Player of the Year for second time


Ian Lewers

Ian Lewers

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Ian Lewers

Ulsterman Iain Lewers, who plays his club hockey with English side Holcombe, has won the UK Player of the Year for the second successive time.

Lewers made his Great Britain debut in 2011 following his switch from Ireland and it was his contribution to GB at the World League semi-finals and for England in the European championships that prompted the award.

Lewers is spending the winter's break playing in India in the professional league.

"It was great to start with a win for Delhi Waveriders and also great to hear the news from back home about the award," he said.

"To win it two years in a row is fantastic and I find it very humbling that those who watch hockey all year round reckon I'm not too bad at it!" he added.

Meanwhile Ireland's pressure failed to break down Canada yesterday afternoon in the warm weather series in Cape Town and they had to settle for a goalless draw.

This follows the 4-2 win on Wednesday when Ulstermen Timmy Cockram and Michael Watt were on the scoresheet.

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