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Giants need to start a winning streak: Keefe

By Stuart McKinley

Adam Keefe has declared that the Belfast Giants must put a run of results together if they are to be a major force in the Elite League title race.

And the Giants captain isn't prepared to wait any longer for such a run to start.

Not since they started the season on a four-match winning streak have the Giants put more than two wins together and after being top of the table just a month ago, they are now six points behind leaders Cardiff.

The Giants do have three games in hand which would potentially wipe out that lead, but they would have to win them and that hasn't been happening often enough of late for Keefe.

"We need to come together now and stay consistent over the next while through Christmas because that's when the stronger teams start to come through," said Keefe, ahead of the weekend road trip to take on Manchester Storm and the Sheffield Steelers.

"We want to get on a run and we can't wait - we need to do it now.

"In this league every weekend is big. We have two tough games this weekend. Sheffield is always tough and we know that Manchester isn't an easy place to go anymore.

"We lost to them at home a couple of weeks ago and they have taken points off the top team.

"There are no easy places to go anymore. A few years ago maybe there were a couple of places that you expected to win, but now every team has more depth and when they are at their strongest every team is capable of beating anyone else."

A controversial refereeing decision impacted on the Giants last weekend, when the Nottingham Panthers scored their winner on a five-on-three powerplay.

Player-coach Derrick Walser criticism the official and all Keefe wants to see if some consistency from the men in black and white stripes.

"With some of the referees you have to feel them out every game," he said.

"All we want is some consistency and it is frustrating when something isn't called and then five minutes later it is.

"We've been dealing with these kind of things throughout the season and it's tough when you feel like you are constantly trying to kill off penalties."

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