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Watch: Belfast Giants star scores disallowed goal with puck in his pants



Rearing up: Belfast Giants forward Patrick Dwyer tries his luck

Rearing up: Belfast Giants forward Patrick Dwyer tries his luck

Rearing up: Belfast Giants forward Patrick Dwyer tries his luck

When it comes to bizarre goals, you'll go a long way to beat this one - even though it was ruled out.

How to describe it is more of a stretch given its unique nature and execution, but Belfast Giants forward Patrick Dwyer deserves credit for his creativity.

During the second period of Saturday's 7-0 blowout win over the Milton Keynes Lightning at the SSE Arena, Dwyer suddenly reversed himself into the Lightning net and appealed towards the referees, much to the confusion of everyone else on the ice.

Many thought that perhaps he had been hurt during the play, or perhaps he was trying to avoid another player.

But replays suddenly showed that a puck shot by linemate Darcy Murphy had hit Dwyer and managed to get lodged in his pants. Rather than simply stop and take it out, Dwyer instead backed himself - and the puck - into the net and appealed for the goal.

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Unfortunately for the former NHL player, the referees decided it would not stand after consulting the video review, but that hasn't stopped the replay becoming an internet sensation.

The highlights have caught on around the world, with the initial video posted by Belfast Giants TV receiving 1,700 retweets and 5,300 likes on Twitter, while American broadcasters NBC featured the clip on their live programming.

"I was just driving the net, Murph shot the puck and it got stuck in my pants, and once I realised it was in there I just decided to back into the net and see if it works!" Dwyer explains.

"Unfortunately they didn't count it as a goal, and the explanation was a little off, but I think it caught everyone off-guard as nobody's ever seen that before.

"It would have been a funny goal to score but at least it's a good story to tell for the rest of my life!"

The result was the second of three victories for the Giants over the weekend as they defeated the Lightning twice in Belfast before winning in Coventry against the Blaze on Sunday.

The three successes moved Belfast into fourth in the Elite League table after they entered Friday's play dead last.

Dwyer is the Giants' leading points scorer this season and contributed nine over the weekend, and the former Carolina Hurricanes ace admitted he'd rather have the league points than the unique goal.

"It's unfortunate it didn't count, but I'm happier we got the results we wanted," said the veteran winger.

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