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Formula One: Webber to blame, say Lotus

Lotus Racing's chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne believes Mark Webber should accept responsibility for his spectacular accident in the European Grand Prix.

Webber was fortunate to walk away unscathed after smashing into the back of Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus, a 190mph shunt that propelled the Australian's Red Bull into the air.

“Obviously neither driver wanted it to happen, but from our point of view Heikki was driving in a straight line, defending his position and then someone hits him from behind,” Gascoyne said. “So where the mistake lies is fairly clear from our point of view. I'm sure Mark will have a different one.”

When Webber's explanation was put to Gascoyne, he added: “Mark's charged up behind Heikki, he's got the quicker car and Heikki has to brake where he brakes because of the grip he has. It's up to the guy overtaking to do so safely, and he didn't.”

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