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F1: Fan's death-defying dash leads to added security

Security at the Shanghai International Circuit has been beefed up after a Formula One 'fan' was arrested following a death-defying race over the track during a Friday practice session.

The local man, in possession of a grandstand ticket that overlooks the pits, initially scaled 10-foot high catch fencing that runs along the main straight.

With cars flashing by at speeds of over 200mph, the spectator picked his moment to dart over the starting grid as a Sauber had just passed by and with a Force India approaching in the background.

The man then jumped through a gap in the pit wall and ran across the pit lane before entering the Ferrari garage.

It was there he was finally grabbed by security staff and handed on to police for arrest, but not before apparently stating he wanted to drive a car.

The incident was similar to the one at the 2003 British Grand Prix when former priest Neil Horan ran down the Hangar Straight wearing a kilt and sporting a religious message on a placard around his neck as cars took evasive action.

Horan later pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated trespass and was sentenced to two months imprisonment.

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