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Fernando Alonso insists steering locked in test accident

Fernando Alonso has "zero worries" about stepping back into his McLaren this weekend in Malaysia, despite adding further confusion to the testing accident that forced him to miss the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

First, Alonso blew apart McLaren's claim a gust of wind was the cause behind his crash in testing at Barcelona, insisting the steering locked. Then he stated his recollection of the accident was clear, and that any concussion sustained was seemingly medically induced to assist with his transfer to hospital.

"I remember the accident, and everything the following day," Alonso said. "There is nothing in the data, anything clear we can spot and we can say it was that, but definitely there was a steering problem in the middle of turn three. It locked to the right.

"I approached the wall, braked at the last moment, downshifted from fifth to third. Unfortunately, on the data, we are still missing some parts. It's clear there was a problem in the car, but it just hasn't been found on the data."

As to McLaren's 'gust of wind' claim, he said: "No, no, definitely not. I don't know if you've seen the video, but even a hurricane would not move the car at that speed."

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