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Jenson Button backs doctors as Fernando Alonso kept off the grid

Jenson Button can understand the reasoning why Fernando Alonso will not be making his second debut with McLaren this weekend.

On the advice of doctors, Alonso is absent from the season-opening Australian Grand Prix after sustaining concussion following a heavy crash during testing last month.

Fears were expressed to Alonso of 'second-impact syndrome' whereby a serious brain injury, or even death, could occur should the 33-year-old be involved in a second incident so soon after the first. Button knows what it is like to suffer concussion as he was involved in a severe accident in practice for the 2003 Monaco Grand Prix, yet just a fortnight later was back behind the wheel of his car in Canada.

"I'm sure whatever they've chosen to do is the correct decision," he said.

"Concussions vary. Some are very light, and then you have different grades of concussion, brain damage.

"I raced two weeks after an accident in 2003, with checks of standing on a box, closing one eye and whatever else. They let me race, but now the checks are more stringent."

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