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Nico Rosberg won't concede title race

By Ian Parkes

Nico Rosberg appreciates he now needs a degree of good fortune on his side if he is to become Formula One world champion.

With Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton winning the last five grands prix, Rosberg has seen a 29-point lead overturned into a 24-point deficit.

It means that even if Rosberg were to win the final two races, in Brazil on Sunday and in Abu Dhabi on November 23, he would not be guaranteed the crown.

Rosberg can now only hope Hamilton encounters an issue of some kind if he is to join his father Keke in becoming a F1 champion.

"It's clear I need to rely on something happening because it's not enough for me to win, unfortunately," said Rosberg.

"But in sport so much can happen, I'm still very optimistic."

With double points on offer in Abu Dhabi the one guarantee Rosberg has is the title race will go to the wire.

In previous seasons given the points-scoring format, Hamilton could have clinched the championship at Interlagos.

"For sure it's great news this year I have a chance to win the championship the way it is now," said Rosberg.

"I'm also happy it's good for the fans, that it's going to be exciting through to the very end. It keeps me very optimistic."

When it was suggested to Rosberg a title triumph courtesy of double points, given he has only won four races to Hamilton's 10, would be a hollow one, he replied: "Everybody can have their opinion.

"In sport it's the points that count in the end, then of course you can debate who deserved it more. That's always going to be the case."

Meanwhile, Jenson Button has warned McLaren he may not stay with the team even if they do eventually decide to offer him a new contract.

McLaren have long promised an answer ahead of the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi on November 23, but the clock is ticking. For Button, any feelings of frustration at how the situation has dragged on have faded.

Asked if he would stay if McLaren put a new contract in front of him, he said: "That is a good question I cannot answer at this moment in time.

"When you are put in a position that many drivers have been in over the years, when you are not sure if your contract is going to be renewed, it opens your eyes to different possibilities.

"Whether it is racing, doing another sport, or something different altogether, for me I am excited about the challenges ahead.

"I have a lot I am excited about, a lot of different ideas.

"F1 is a massive part of my life, and motor racing has been. It will continue, but I don't know where that is going to be right now."

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