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Tracks could be redesigned in wake of crash: Brawn

Formula One


Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn insists it was "disturbing" that Romain Grosjean's car "penetrated the crash barrier" at the Bahrain Grand Prix before erupting into flames.

Formula One's managing director believes tracks could be redesigned following an investigation into the accident that left the Haas driver fortunate to escape with his life, with only minor burns to his hands and legs and suspected broken ribs suffered.

The disturbing scene saw a fire break out at the Armco barrier on the exit of Turn Three, which forced the race to be stopped as medical services rushed to the scene.

Grosjean was soon pictured out of the car and speaking to medics while the flames were put out, to the relief of the millions watching around the world, and Brawn insists there could be major changes following an investigation.

"The other disturbing thing about the accident was that it penetrated the crash barrier," Brawn said. "That is another aspect we have to look at.

"The halo for sure prevented other body and head injuries that in the past would have occurred if an accident of this sort would have happened.

"Redesigning tracks to have more run-offs can be looked at, I don't know if that's feasible. In normal cornering, we try to create a run-off area. But that was pretty much straight. Every aspect will be looked at in this investigation."

Brawn also explained how the fire occurred, with damage to the chassis of Grosjean's car.

"I think the shock for all of us was seeing a fire, we've not seen that problem for many years. For there to be a fire, it's unusual," he added.

"The chassis ruptured and ripped some of the connections to the fuel cell away, so that's where the fuel escaped."

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