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Hamilton and Button look to flush out points in battle to be Formula 1 world champion

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were given a shock when it was suggested that the loser in their Formula One world title fight should have their head flushed down a toilet.

The idea came from 11-year-old Carl Hillis at a press conference at the Institute for Child Health in London to promote Sunday's British Grand Prix.

Carl has been designated as official reporter for Lifeline, the magazine for the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, and will be attending Sunday's race at Silverstone.

Carl was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of three that required intensive chemotherapy, only to suffer a relapse six years later, in July 2008, that led to 10 weeks in isolation after undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

The cub reporter from Rayleigh in Essex, who is now in good health, livened up the media gathering with his question.

He asked: “Have you had a private bet between yourselves as to which one of you will be world champion this year?”

With just six points between the duo at the top of the standings, with 2008 title-winner Hamilton holding the narrow advantage over current holder and McLaren team-mate Button, it is fair to suggest either could be crowned again at the end of this season.

“We should do shouldn't we? We should have a little one,” suggested Hamilton to Button.

To which Button replied: “But we're not gambling people are we?

“We don't gamble.”

“Maybe one of your cars or something,” said Hamilton with a smile.

Raising his eyebrows, the 30-year-old Button said: “One of my cars?

“You've got more exciting cars than I have. I'm an old man now.”

It led to Carl being asked as to what the loser should do, to which he responded: “Get their head flushed down the toilet!”

Checking to make sure he had heard correctly, Button said: “Did you really just say that? Get your head flushed down the toilet?”

When Carl, a Hamilton fan at heart, nodded, Button added: “That sounds like a good plan, but I think I better get my running shoes on if it doesn't work out for me this year.”

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