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Jennings happy for his Ulster Rally car to remain a mystery

By Sammy Hamill

It's deadline day for entries for the Ulster Rally and numbers already top the 120 mark, including all the leading contenders in the British and Irish Tarmac championships.

But intriguingly they also include two-time winner Garry Jennings - although so far he has failed to nominate which car he will drive.

"It will be something different," is all he will say, meaning it won't be the WRC Subaru Impreza S12 in which he won in 2013 and '14 and came within a mile of making it a hat-trick last year, the car bursting into flames within sight of the finish.

The entry list is dominated by the R5 cars on which both championships are based and, although Jennings' Subaru is eligible to take part, it seems he won't be appearing in it. "The entry is in and we'll be making an announcement shortly," said the former Tarmac champion.

The inclusion of Jennings, in whatever car he drives, will add another dimension to an entry list which already contains the likes of British championship leader Elfyn Evans, fellow Welshman Tom Cave and Sweden's Fredrik Ahlin along with the joint leaders of the Irish Tarmac series Alastair Fisher and Sam Moffett.

The John Mulholland Motors-sponsored event, based in Londonderry on August 19-20, will be the second time this year the two championships have come together with Irish drivers having outscored their UK rivals on the Circuit of Ireland.

Fisher and Josh Moffett, the brother of Sam, were the top points scorers.

Keith Cronin, David Bogie, Desi Henry and Marty McCormack are just some of the other drivers already on the list, McCormack making his first appearance since injuring his hand in a work accident.

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