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Lewis Hamilton admits 'maybe Twitter is not the one for me'

By Simon Rice

Lewis Hamilton is considering whether to continue using Twitter following a series of high-profile gaffes on the social networking site.

Earlier this week the McLaren driver accused his team-mate of 'unfollowing' him, only to discover his compatriot never followed him in the first place.

"Just noticed @jensonbutton unfollowed, that's a shame...I thought we respected one another but clearly he doesn't," he wrote before realising his error.

He then tweeted: "My bad [mistake] just found out Jenson never followed me. Don't blame him!"

Ahead of the Korean Grand Prix this weekend, Hamilton said he will re-think his use of the site.

"In my life, I think I'm going to make lots of mistakes and that was one of them but you learn from them.

"I try to stay away from all the stories. Sure there's been a lot of heat this week. That's the price you pay for being in this sport.

"It was an experience which I'll hopefully learn from.

"Maybe Twitter and me don't go too well at the moment. I need to step back and think about how I try and improve that."

Considering Hamilton has over a million followers on Twitter, it is somewhat surprising that his team-mate, who also uses the site and also commands over a million followers, was not among them. He said today that users must be cautious.

"You have to be careful what you put on Twitter. We've got over a million followers. It is what it is, and Lewis apologised to me."

Hamilton was also forced to apologise earlier this season for his use of Twitter when he posted a picture of a confidential team telemetry sheet, which showed information about his and Button's qualifying laps for the Belgian Grand Prix and other information that could have been used to the advantage of McLaren's rivals.

After that incident McLaren said the tweet had not done "much damage" to the side, which Hamilton will leave for Mercedes at the end of the season, although Button admitted to being "disappointed".

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