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Manx Grand Prix: Farquhar wins on another dark day

By Roy Harris

Ryan Farquhar won yesterday on the Isle of Man when he rode his Winfield Gears Paton to victory in the Senior Classic Race — his eighth win at the Manx Grand Prix.

But the victory was overshadowed by a third rider losing his life, veteran Adam Easton, still riding at 71, killed in an incident at Lambfell on the approach to Cronk-Y-Voddy Straight in yesterday’s vintage bike race.

Annaghmore rider Wayne Hamilton (20) died following an accident at the 13th Milestone during the Junior Manx Grand Prix on Monday, while Neil Kent was killed during practice last week.

It all put Farquhar’s win very much in perspective.

It was the first time the Dungannon rider has completed the Junior and Senior Manx Grand Prix Classic double, having won the smaller class on Monday.

Farquhar started number one on the road and had opened up a 35 second lead by the end of the opening lap when he pitted for fuel, rejoining the race in fourth position as the three riders in front of him were not due to pit until the end of lap two in the four lap race.

Farquhar was back in front of the race by Ramsey on lap two and from there was never headed, extending his lead mile by mile and taking the chequered flag — in 1m 52sec — over a minute ahead of Chris Palmer and Mark Herbertson.

The latter inherited third spot in the closing stages from the unfortunate Wattie Brown who had a big end go on his Norton and he pushed his machine home from Governors Dip dropping from third to 10th position.

However it hadn’t all been plain sailing for Farquhar as he explained: “It was a bit of an eventful race as I lost a fair bit of time at the pit stop thanks to a couple of silly little things going wrong.

“In fact anything that could have gone wrong went wrong and then the bike developed a misfire on the last couple of laps juddering badly in bottom gear.

“I didn’t think I was going to finish. Thankfully it kept going and I just kept it steady and nursed it home.

“I’m made up to win another Manx and delighted for Roger Winfield and the boys.”

Farquhar then revealed that he might not ride in tomorrow’s Classic Superbike race where he was due to ride a Suzuki.

He said: “The weather looks like it will be wet and the tyres specified for this machine are not the best in the wet.

“I went to the organisers to see if it was possible to run a wider tyre but they said no, so on safety grounds if it is wet on Friday we will withdraw from the race.”

Results: Senior Classic Manx Grand Prix: 1 R Farquhar, 2 C Palmer, 3 M Herbertson, 4 S Linsdell, 5 M Owen, 6 B Owen.

Supertwin: 1 D Moffitt, 2 J Phillips, 3 P Harvey, 4 S Anderson, 5 M Sweeney, 6 R Davie.

Lightweight: 1 B Smith, 2 A Haworth, 3 R Johnson, 4 D Yeomans, 5 D Millard, 6 A Jones.

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