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Mark Webber 'no regrets' over radio rant

Mark Webber now wishes he had turned the air blue at Silverstone as it might have avoided red faces all round at Red Bull Racing.

The team's front-wing controversy dominated the British Grand Prix weekend, one that culminated in Webber claiming a deserved victory, but also sparking a storm.

After taking the chequered flag Webber sniped over the team radio: “Not bad for a number two driver!”

It was a sharp reference to the fact the new front wing on his car had been removed 25 minutes before qualifying and handed to team-mate Sebastian Vettel after his broke in final practice.

All radio transmissions are screened by the FIA prior to being aired, and only a handful are given clearance. Webber knows if he had sworn it would have been censored.

“I've no regrets, but as a sportsman sometimes things happen in the heat of the moment,” said Webber. “I should have put some colourful language either side of my transmission because maybe it would never have got run.

“But obviously I was polite, it did get run, and a few extra people heard what I had to say.”

The air has since been cleared between himself and team principal Christian Horner, who admitted to a break down in communication with his driver.

“At Silverstone we could have done a better job in communicating with Mark just before qualifying,” confirmed Horner.

“Situations happen sometimes up and down the pit lane where decisions have to be made.

“We spoke about it a lot after the event, and a lot was made of it more than it warranted.

“But as a team we are pushing very hard, pushing to get components to the circuit very aggressively, as are the other frontrunning teams. That's the way we will continue to operate, and it's the only way we will be able to compete and fight with the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.”

The 33-year-old Australian, who trails championship leader Lewis Hamilton by 17 points, added: “It was a pretty emotionally-charged weekend. We all know there were a few things that went on, but it can easily get blown out pretty quickly, and to be honest it did.

“Everything's fine. We tidied things up earlier in the week, and I had no worries at all things would be addressed, and they were pretty quickly.

“Christian and I had a good discussion about things, which wasn't too difficult to be honest.

“Now here we are at the German Grand Prix ready to go, and I'm looking forward to it.

“Red Bull are in an incredible situation, we've done very well, we are taking on the best teams in the world, which is credit to us.”

Webber and Horner were speaking sat alongside one another at a media conference to promote a range of watches.

With the duo sporting their pieces, it prompted one inquisitor to enquire as to which driver had been given their watch first.

In return Horner quipped: “They were both given them at the same time.

“We've spares, they are all in the same specification, so I can't see there being any issues with watches this weekend.”

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