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Mark Webber 'not pulling over for anyone', including team-mate Sebastian Vettel

By Ian Parkes

Mark Webber has defiantly stated he will not be pulling to one side this weekend to aid Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel's title bid.

Team principal Christian Horner has made it clear there will be no team orders in place as yet, even though Webber has seemingly little chance of championship glory as he trails Vettel by 63 points.

However, with Vettel just six points clear of Fernando Alonso in the fight for the title, much could rest on the outcome of Sunday's Indian Grand Prix.

Webber appreciates his own hopes are slim but is refusing to give up in order to see Vettel come out on top.

"It's going to take a lot of smelly races for Seb and Fernando," said the Australian.

"Winning some races will be useful, but if those guys finish as they normally do, then it's going to be very difficult to get the points back, but never say never."

Asked whether he would be allowed to win should Vettel be behind him, Webber stated "I will win! That's it.

"This weekend if I have a chance to win the grand prix I will go for it.

"Mathematically I have a chance (of winning the title), so if I'm in the lead this weekend, I'm not pulling over for anyone."

Webber proved he was not taking any prisoners as he gave one reporter short shrift who dared to suggest his remark that Alonso had a chance of the championship was not helpful to Red Bull or Vettel.

"That's a ridiculous comment," snapped Webber.

"He is a two-time world champion, six points off Seb. He has a great chance to win the championship.

"Do you want me to come out and say Sebastian is the only one that can win it? You're dreaming."

Vettel, so long the hunter as he attempted to reel in Alonso, has now become the hunted after winning the last three races.

"I'm in a better position now than the position I was in three or four races ago," said Vettel.

"We'll try to do our best to make sure we stay there, but in terms of our approach nothing really changes.

"For me, I'm not thinking too much when I'm on the grid and I'm waiting for the lights to go off. It doesn't matter which position you are in in the championship.

"Of course, it's something you have in your head and you are aware of, but the most important thing is to get off the line, have a good start and go on to have a good race.

"If you are in a position where you have to score more points then you have to ensure you finish ahead of everyone, ideally, or at least ahead of the one you are chasing.

"In my position you might not take a risk here or there, but although we're in a good position, we're not in one where we can lean back.

"So we have to remain focused and push as hard as we can to ensure we stay where we are."

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