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My heart is with Red Bull: Newey

By Ian Parkes

Adrian Newey has told Ferrari that he has no intention of leaving Red Bull as he believes it would be akin to “walking out on your children.”

Newey is the most successful designer in Formula One history after helping teams win eight constructors' championships — five with Williams, once at McLaren and the last two with Red Bull.

Given such a record, it is no surprise that Newey has been linked with Ferrari in the past, in particular last season as Red Bull walked away with both titles.

The 53-year-old, who is now entering his seventh season with Red Bull, appears content to see out his career with the Milton Keynes-based team.

“To be perfectly honest I can't see myself going anywhere else,” said Newey.

“I've been very centrally involved with the team from very early on and proud we've been able to get from where we were, and the ashes of Jaguar, to where we are today.

“That in itself brings a huge amount of satisfaction and kind of a slightly paternal feeling of wanting that to carry on.

“To now leave for another team would feel a little like walking out on your children in a way.”

Newey's phenomenal success with Red Bull over the last two years means the weight of expectation would appear to be on his shoulders to pull another rabbit out of the hat.

He conceded yesterday that design restrictions for this year had made his job more difficult, leaving him to “lament” the FIA's rule changes.

Asked about the pressure on him to help Red Bull become only the fourth team in F1 history to win three or more successive titles, Newey replied: “Only my own, for the team and everybody to do a good job.

“In some ways you can argue that it works in reverse, as far as feeling general pressure.”

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