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Racing legend Rohrl returning to province to headline Titanic Deja Vu event

By Sammy Hamill

It has been 34 years since Walter Rohrl won the Ulster Rally, but his stunning performance in a mighty Audi Quattro S4 is still talked about today.

Now the German, voted Rally Driver of the Millennium and called 'a genius on wheels' by the great three-time Formula One world champion Niki Lauda, is returning to take part in the Titanic Deja Vu Ulster, another of the popular rally reunions which have already raised £70,000 for charity.

Back in 1984, Rohrl and his co-driver Christian Geistdörfer came to Northern Ireland for the first time and blasted their Group B 'short' Quattro over the Antrim, Down and Fermanagh stages, smoking his opponents.

Those who witnessed their performance rate it as one of the greatest drives in Irish rallying history as they defeated Russell Brookes, Jimmy McRae and Bertie Fisher by over four minutes.

Winner of 14 World Championship rallies, including Monte Carlo four times, Rohrl was champion in 1980 and '82, and a panel of 100 worldwide motorsport experts voted him the best rally driver ever.

But Rohrl was equally at home on the race track, a class winner at Le Mans and a past record holder at the legendary Pike's Peak hillclimb in America.

Now a Porsche contracted driver, he will return to Ulster to head a cavalcade of historic rally cars over famous Antrim stages such as Glendun and Torr Head, where he will be joined by many of his contemporaries and a host of other rally stars at a gala dinner in Titanic Belfast on Saturday, September 1.

Beatty Crawford, the joint Deja Vu Motorsport organiser with Plum Tyndall, said: "I will never forget co-driving Walter in my historic Porsche 911 on the 1994 RAC Britannia Rally, so I'm delighted that he has accepted our invitation to headline our event."

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