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Teen star Adam makes a splash for struggling Irish at Belmont


By Alex Mills

Young Adam McKeown will today shoulder Ireland's responsibilities in the British Isles Bowls Championships at Belmont.

The teenage Mossley player lifted the gloom that hovered over the rain-drenched Belfast venue by producing a masterclass, needing just 17 ends to defeat England's Liam Harris 21-11 in the semi-final of the U18 singles. He will face Wales' Kristian Crocker in today's junior decider.

The Irish performance matched the horrible conditions as they crashed out of the singles, pairs, triples and fours.

Singles: Preliminary 1: T Greechan (Jersey) w/o T Prizulx (Guernsey). Prelim 2: D Oliver (Scotlland) 21 B Kane (Ireland) 18. Semi finals: David Kingon (Wales) w/o S Green (England); Greechan 21 Oliver 18.

Under-18 singles semi finals: B Davidson (Scotland) 20 K Crocker (Wales) 21; A McKeown (Ireland) 21 L Harris (England) 11.

Under-25 singles: Prelim 1: B Harvey (Guernsey) 6 G White (Scotland) 21; Prelim 2: D Salmon (Wales) 21 M De Sousa (Jersey) 20. Semi finals: J Walker (England) 21 White 7; S Shields (Ireland) 14 Salmon 21.

Pairs: Prelim 1: T Smith, P Smith (Ireland) 21 L Rideout, S Tolchard (England) 23; Prelim 2: S Ruderham, G Davis (Jersey) 25 D Ogier, N Collins (Guernsey) 13. Semi finals: G Hill, M Vale (Wales) 6 Tolchard 28; B Gwynne, R Wright (Scotland) 29 Davis 5.

Triples: Prelim 1: M McHugh (Ireland) 13 P Taylor (Wales) 15; Prelim 2: J Webber (Wales) 13 C Taggart (Scotland) 19. Semi finals: M Le Ber (Jersey) 20 Taggart 13; K Le Long (Jersey) 5 Taylor 30.

Fours: Prelim 1: S Bennett (Ireland) 14 R Weale (Wales) 22; Prelim 2: D Graham (England) 25 A Pollock (Scotland) 12. Semi finals (today): Graham v M D Sousa (Jersey); Weale v J Rihoy (England).

Senior fours: Prelim 1: L Le Ber (Guersney) 10 R Venn (Wales) 24; Prelim 2: K Holman (England) 21 D Le Falher (Jersey) 19. Semi finals: Holman 7 R Horner (Ireland) 22; D Beattie (Scotland) 18 Venn 17.

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