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They’re off and anoraks are back on

 A new season of Formula One is upon us and right from the off I have to confess that I didn’t watch the opening race from Australia live on Sky.


There are several reasons. It was on at ridiculous o’clock, the programme lasted four and a half hours — simply not fair on any Sky+ box — and Georgie Thompson is no more.

Apparently she threw the head up as she wanted to be given more time as a proper F1 presenter. Yes, Georgie, and I wanted to be in charge of Kylie Minogue’s gold hotpants.

It means that Anthony Davidson is forced to man the Sky Pad on his own. There can’t be many people who can boast to have split from an Ant and a Dec, so Georgie is to be applauded.

Jake Humphrey is also noticeable by his absence, his decision to call it a day at the Beeb at the end of last season, meaning he is able to explore exciting new broadcasting opportunities.

Loosely translated this means that the arrival of BT Vision cannot come soon enough for Jake as he fills his days with such nonsense as daytime quiz show Beat The Pack and the new low as host of Channel Four’s Bedtime Live on Monday night.

Still it did open the door for Suzi Perry, although I had to look twice as she appeared to be a cross between Donna Traynor and Dora the Explorer.

But she did well, although there was a disconcerting amount of flirting with David Coulthard to contend with and much too much anorak action for those expecting more (or less) from Suzi.

Still there are bigger challenges to come for her. No, I don’t mean a live race, Eddie Jordan hasn’t arrived yet.

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