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Torquetronix announced as new sponsor for Armoy Road Race Open Race

By Ali Gordon

Following on from the recent news of a new title sponsor for the Armoy Road Races, the Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club has just announced a new sponsor for the Superbike Open Race.

Torquetronix, a bespoke tuning company that offerstailored performance tuning of the highest quality for Car and Motorbike engines is based in Kells, County Antrim and will sponsor the Torquetronix Open Race. They see this as a great opportunity to strengthen their ties with performance and racing machines.

Last year the Open Race was one of best races of the day, hotly contested with Guy Martin, Michael and William Dunlop all in the mix for the top three places and it was Guy Martin who claimed the top step of the podium, winning his second race ever at the Armoy Road Races, only hours after winning his first at Armoy.

Owner of Torquetronix, David Wishart, said: "Sponsoring a road race is something new for us. I have to say when I was first approached about sponsoring a race it was very easy to say yes to Bill Kennedy and his team.

"I’ve attended both the NW200 and the Ulster Grand Prix for many years but there is something about the Armoy Road Races that, regardless ofwhether the sun is shining or not, you know you are going to a great event where you will see something special.

"This is a great opportunity for my company Torquetronix and I to become involved in road racing at a different level.  The company has been up and running for some 15 years and specialises in performance remapping and chip tuning upgrades to engines for European vehicles.

"We are a little bit different to the majority of tuning companies in that we actually write the software and customise it to the vehicle before testing it on the Dyno. This ensures that the car is recalibrated allowing for better performance, driveability and fuel economy. Of course we do tune motorbikes but the mainstay of the company is tuning a vast array of cars for customers from as far away as England and the Republic of Ireland.

Bill Kennedy, Clerk of the Course, said: "The Club is absolutely delighted with the news of a new Open Race sponsor. There have been a few changes this year with one sponsor and another and with that usually comes a bit of curiosity.

"I admit that road racing has had a tough time over the last number of years and whether the Armoy Club is getting it right or whether we have a lot of luck there might still be some debate. To be honest I’d say it’s the hard work from dedicated people who are passionate about these races and their Club who makes sure the Top national road race in Ireland remains in Armoy – we are hopefully making our own luck.

"Torquetronix is an excellent example of a company that is doing very well which is sitting on our doorstep. We are only too happy that they see the value in associating themselves with our races and we welcome David Wishart and his company to the Armoy road racing family."

Bike Week runs from Sunday 19th July until Saturday 25th July 2015 with the SGS International ‘Race of Legends’ featuring on the Saturday 25th July 2015.

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