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Vettel stays cool as he’s grilled on Red Bull’s Turkey horror tale

Sebastian Vettel is adamant he will always take the blame if he is in the wrong, which is why he has no intention of apologising for Red Bull's Turkey foul-up.

Outside Red Bull's team base in the paddock of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, as the gathered media huddled underneath parasols affording protection from the gloomy rain and grey skies, Vettel was given a grilling.

Eleven days on from the accident in Turkey that saw Vettel collide with team-mate Mark Webber, denying Red Bull a near-certain one-two finish at Istanbul Park, the young German was thrust firmly into the spotlight.

Despite supposed clear-the-air talks at their Milton Keynes base last week following the incident that culminated in Vettel spinning into retirement and Webber requiring a new front wing, even the Australian has admitted they “didn't talk too much” about it.

Vettel, who team principal Christian Horner has since conceded turned too quickly into Webber, was pointedly asked whether he felt a need to apologise, or whether he accepted blame.

The 22-year-old, displaying all the evasive skills of fellow German Michael Schumacher, who has consistently failed to say sorry for his past indiscretions, fudged the question.

“What happened, happened, so there's not much more to say,” said Vettel. “You can look at it from many different angles and you can't change it now, so looking back I wouldn't have done anything differently.

“What happened was bad for both of us, and for the team especially, because we gave a present to McLaren in particular. You can look at it many times from the outside and onboard cameras and everyone has the right to their own opinion.”

Asked if he therefore blamed Webber, Vettel replied: “I didn't say that did I.”

In the past Vettel has been quick to criticise other drivers for what he has perceived as erratic, aggressive manoeuvres.

Vettel said: “If you look at my onboard, then I don't see any aggressive movements.”

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