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Mosley will strive to hit the heights at North West 200

By Paul Lindsay

The Vauxhall International North West 200 is set to welcome Mississippi racer JD Mosley this year, with the event getting under way in just a fortnight's time.

Mosley is famous for winning the Pikes Peak, which will ring a bell with local race fans after Tyco BMW's Guy Martin was filmed competing and winning at the event himself for a Channel 4 documentary back in 2014.

Mosley won the Middleweight class at the fearsome Colorado hill climb event last June.

The 26-year-old will take on the North West 200 aboard an Amore Moto R6 Yamaha, and after ascending the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak course with its 156 turns - including a summit finish at over 14,000 feet - the Triangle shouldn't be too much of a culture shock.

"Winning Pikes Peak should help me get into it. One thing will be similar - you've got scenery that is ridiculously beautiful," said Mosley, who is studious enough to know that's where the similarities will end, and he will have to get used to holding his R6 Yamaha flat to the stop for long periods of time.

Yes, the Pikes Peak event climbs almost 5,000 feet as it negotiates those 156 corners with available oxygen 40 per cent less than it is at sea level.

"At those altitudes with the lack of oxygen, you can get confused real fast. That's the last thing you want when you're going as fast as we are," added the American.

It will be very interesting to see his response when slipstreaming at 170mph, thinking his eyeballs are about to get pulled from their sockets, when the likes of Alastair Seeley, the Dunlops and Ian Hutchinson blast past.

It's all part of the unique North West 200 experience.

The event kicks off with the opening practice sessions on May 10. Further practice and racing takes place on Thursday, May 12 before Saturday Race Day on May 14.

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