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North West 200 traffic alerts and diversions



Speed king: Michael Dunlop in North West action yesterday

Speed king: Michael Dunlop in North West action yesterday


Speed king: Michael Dunlop in North West action yesterday

Motorists attending the practice sessions and race events are urged to arrive in good time and to make full use of official car parks.

They are urged not to park where the vehicle will cause an obstruction to public or private entrances, and in particular, to designated ambulance routes that are signposted, and which must be kept clear at all times.

Motorists should expect delays on all roads leading to and from the circuit and should make appropriate allowances in order to complete their journey safely.

Tuesday, May 15, roads closed between 9.15am and 3pm.

Thursday, May 17 between 9.15am and 3pm and a further road closure to facilitate racing from 5pm to 9pm.

Saturday, May 19th the circuit roads will close from 9.15am to 7pm.

Any subsequent amendment to the race week schedule will be advised to the public via the Vauxhall International North West 200 website.

Roads closed

  • Route B185 (Station Road/Cromore Road), from its junction with Portrush Road, Portstewart, Route A2, to its junction with University Park, Coleraine.
  • Route A29, Ring Road Coleraine, from its junction with Cromore Road, Route B185, to its junction with Bushmills Road Roundabout, Route A29.
  • Route A29 (Atlantic Road/Coleraine Road/Eglinton Street), from its junction with Burn Road, Coleraine to its junction with Sandhill Drive, Portrush.
  • Route A2 (Portstewart Road/Dhu Varren/Ballyreagh Road/Portrush Road/Portmore Road) from its junction with Coleraine Road, Portrush, Route A29, to its junction with Atlantic Circle, Portstewart.
  • Glenmanus Road, Portrush, from its junction with Glenvale Crescent, for a distance of 100 metres in a southerly direction.
  • Route A2 Crocknamack Road, Portrush, from its junction with Eglinton Street, Unclassified No.3543, to its junction with Hopefield Avenue, Unclassified No.3304.

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