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NW 200: TV tribute to Joey Dunlop

The BBC are to screen the documentary ‘Joey Dunlop — Remembered’ on Saturday to coincide with the North West 200 festival.

For presenter Stephen Watson, speaking to Joey’s wife and daughters on camera was a rare privilege.

“I had known Joey since the early 90s and had kept in close touch with Linda and the family after his death,” he said.

“Being close friends helped me persuade them to take part. I think the fact the 10th anniversary of Joey’s death is coming up helped convince Linda as well. Maybe she felt if she did this she wouldn’t need to do another one for some time.

“I think the most striking moment came when Joey’s daughter Joanne said that she hadn’t realised how famous her father was until she looked out of the window on the day of the funeral and saw those thousands of people,” Watson added.

“I think that says it all about Joey’s commitment to a his family and a normal home life, and on the other hand the passion of his fans.”

Joey Dunlop Remembered, BBC One NI, Saturday, 10.55pm

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