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Poll: Is Jonathan Rea's 'four-of-a-kind' the coolest sports celebration ever?

If you're going to win a record-breaking fourth successive World Superbike title, you have to celebrate in style.

That was Jonathan Rea's approach to sealing victory at Magny-Cours last weekend when he took to the track to act out a well thought-out poker-style celebration.

But was it the coolest sports celebration ever? He reckons so (as he told us in the video above).

What are some of sport's other cool celebrations? Here are 10 we've picked out. Have a look and vote for your favourite below:

Jonathan Rea - Four of a kind

"I think it's one of the coolest. I enjoyed it and my team enjoyed it," he said.

Mario Balotelli - Why always me?

Then Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli was always controversial and was the subject of many stories. He summed it all up when he opened the scoring in a 6-1 derby demolition of Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Temur Ketsbaia - Calm down mate

Scoring a goal can be an emotional thing, as it was for Newcastle United's Ketsbaia, who took his anger out on the adevrtising board after scoring against Bolton at St James' Park.

Jurgen Klinsmann  - I'll show you a dive

The Tottenham forward was being questioned for diving and showed his critics what he thought when he scored against Sheffield Wednesday.

Stjarnan FC - Gone fishing

This one speaks for itself.

Randall Hill - I'm out of here

The Miami Hurricanes celebration is gone - no wait he's back, and with a dance!

Golden Tate - Mind the drumsticks

Another from the NFL as Tate takes out the band.

Table tennis guy - Getting down with your bad self

Alrighty then...

Digby Ioane - The Scorpion

Well this is just impressive

Usain Bolt - Iconic

It is what it is, and what it is, is a classic.

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