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Traffic collision sees practice cancelled again on Isle of Man


Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison

By Roy Harris

For the third evening running, practice for the Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix was cancelled, not due to the weather this time, but because of a serious road traffic collision at Guthrie's Memorial just before roads were due to close.

Being on the Isle of Man, a contingency order for practice to take place this afternoon with roads closing from 12noon to 4.30pm was quickly granted by Tynwald and for Friday afternoon if required.

This is on top of today's scheduled session commencing at 6.20pm and Friday's evening session.

To date, all the practice that has taken place was back on Saturday, and even that was truncated because of deteriorating conditions.

Dean Harrison had a mixed evening back then, setting the fastest lap of the evening at 122.266mph, but was a retirement at Glen Duff on his second lap having endured a fuel problem.

Michael Rutter, Andrew Dudgeon and Horst Saiger all set laps in excess of 115mph, Dudgeon upping his speed to 118.93mph and Saiger 118.92mph on the second lap.

Everyone involved will be keeping their fingers crossed that the afternoon and evening sessions today go off without incident.

The biggest potential issue is ensuring that there are enough marshals to cover the 37-mile circuit with the new plan for today.

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