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Two Stroke Club calls it a day after 16 years with £90k put back in the sport


By Jim Gracey

Diminishing rider and spectator interest in the 125cc and 250 racing classes has spelt the end of the road for their staunchest supporter.

Sixteen years after its foundation, and with over £90,000 put back into the sport, the Two Stroke Racing Supporters Club is winding up.

Founded in 2002 in memory of Maralin rider Gary Dynes, tragically killed in an accident at North Monaghan Road Races, the club's simple aim was to keep the 250 class up and running.

Going from strength to strength, within two years the club was running a championship for both the 125 and 250 classes, past winners including Michael and William Dunlop, Davy Morgan, Micko Sweeney, Barry Davison, Neil Kernohan (twice a winner) and in the 125 class, Paul Robinson, Nigel Moore and Adam McLean.

But dwindling interest in recent years has now led the club to reluctantly call a halt.

Founder Joe Wright (better known to many as Two Stroke Joe) said: "This will come as a shock to many, but over the past few months, I have been deliberating as to whether the club should continue or not. Sadly I have decided to wind up the club, mainly due to lack of support from both riders and fans.

"Raising funds, organising awards nights, and competitors not turning up certainly have weighed heavily in my decision.

"I do feel bad about my decision, I feel I am letting down the genuine riders, but on reflection I, along with the committee, am proud of the fact, that we raised over £90,000, all of which was put back into prize funds.

"We set out to save the Two Stroke class, which looked to be on its knees back in 2002. I would like to think that, with the club's dedication, we were able to give both riders and spectators many more years of top class two stroke racing.

"For the committee, this has been a hard decision, but in reality it is the right time to fold.

"I would like to thank everyone for their support... riders, club sponsors and members, without whom none of this would have happened. The main trophies will remain in the sport, so the two stroke memories will always remain."

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