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Road racers to be treated by doctor who's looked after Bowie and REM

Dr Shane Murnaghan. (Photo - Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph)
Dr Shane Murnaghan. (Photo - Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph)
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

An Irish doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, who has treated some of the world's biggest stars, including the late David Bowie and REM's Michael Stipe, is now using his alternative techniques to treat road racers at Dundrod racetrack.

Dr Shane Murnaghan will aid patients in a pop-up clinic in the race office at the Ulster Grand Prix Paddock every Thursday.

"I'm here to help the riders, first with injury management and secondly with performance management," he said.

"It's all fair and well liking the sound of revs, but you have got to rev it up in your head as well because you need to be fit to race. It's not just you out there, it's everyone else on the track too and if the bike has to pass scrutiny why doesn't the rider?"

Dr Murnaghan has already treated two-time TT champion Eddie Laycock, who underwent an amputation procedure in 2009 following the discovery of a tumour in his leg.

And for seven years after the surgery he suffered from ghost pain.

"I had saw him twice when he rang to say that his wife was really upset with me," Dr Murnaghan said.

"When I asked why he said, 'because she was shaking me this morning thinking I was dead', that's because he was sleeping through the night and had no pain."

Shane has been teaching and practising traditional medicine for over 20 years, but following an accident in 2008, which left him with a broken back, he changed the direction of his career.

The father-of-two could barely walk for four years and he decided to use his skills to focus on finding a solution for pain caused by spinal injuries.

"The body is all about balance. I don't want to be a surgeon, but I'm a pretty good mechanic and I just want to fix people," he said.

"I know what it's like, I have been there."

The former teacher turned innovator's solution is 'Gravity', a multi-purpose bio-mechanical device designed to enhance movement which has taken him to nine countries to treat Royal Marine commandos, Royal Ballet dancers and Olympian athletes. Shane, who has toured with REM, David Bowie and Sinead O'Connor, said his job is to get people from zero to hero.

"There are ways of training riders so that they are absolutely on their 'A' game and they love it but this is not just for riders, it is for anyone who is suffering from chronic pain," he added.

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