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William Dunlop: Fan hopes poem will bring family some comfort

Poetic tribute: William Dunlop
Poetic tribute: William Dunlop

By Gillian Halliday

A motorcycle racing fan from Co Londonderry said yesterday that she wanted to "try and bring some small comfort" to the Dunlop family by writing a poem in honour of 32-year-old William.

Louise Campbell, a married mother-of-two from the Waterside, posted her poem on Facebook after news broke of Mr Dunlop's death last Saturday.

"I just wanted to try and bring some small comfort at the thought that William is reunited with Robert and Joey, that his death wasn't the end of his race. He's riding his victory lap in heaven," she said.

"That it's not goodbye but more of an 'until we meet again' for those he loved the most."

Mrs Campbell added her husband Barry is also a keen fan of the sport - indeed the Dunlop racing dynasty - and they enjoy going to races when they can.

"I remember I was in America when Joey (Dunlop) died and it made the news in Louisiana," she recalled.

"I was (also) at the practices in '08 when Robert crashed and in the pits that Saturday when Michael rode to victory.

"I know people don't understand how they could race after so much sorrow, but it was just in their blood."

Mrs Campbell added Mr Dunlop's death "hit her hard".

"(He) was just a year younger than I am and his family have (already) had so much sorrow," she added.

A poem for a beloved son taken so young

It's good to see you son

We didn't expect to meet just yet

But me and your uncle Joey here

Well we never did forget

We rode every race out there with you

We were your angels on the track

For you and for our Michael

We were the angels at your back

I'm so proud of you son

Proud of you and your brothers too

And I'm glad that we can be here now

At this stage of the journey with you

We will show you round here son

This really is some place

But first we have our duties

For still there is the race

Come watch with us if you want son

For we have the greatest grandstand

We'll watch the racers and guide them

Protecting them if we can

But if it is their time you see

There's nothing that can be done

So we wait here to welcome them

Just like we're welcoming you son

We watch over all the racers

We'll keep close to your brothers

For they need all our love you see

Just like yours, mine and Joey's mothers

For although they understand

That we lived our lives by the pace

They're the ones left to carry on

The ones left in the race

And it's going to be a long hard road

Just like it was for you

But still you raced and lived and loved

Just like they have to do.

So come son and meet the boss up here

It's never too late to pray

That He will comfort our family

On this and every day.

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