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Biting Back: Time for Beckham to move aside

With John Laverty

If omnipresence was an Olympic event, there could only be one winner.

Step forward one David Robert Joseph Beckham OBE, whose ubiquity at the 2012 Games has been nothing short of breathtaking.

It has been a good couple of months for Becks, who assumed Voice of the Nation status in July by recording a videotaped message of congratulations to the Queen.

Amazingly, this jaw-dropping display of self-importance was reverentially broadcast by, of all people, the BBC, when surely its natural ‘home’ would have been ITV2 or Channel 5.

Whatever. The professional footballer (for that’s what he is, remember) was then interviewed (again by the Beeb) at Wimbledon about Andy Murray’s chances — and was later seen opining on uber-cyclist Bradley Wiggins’ remarkable success.

And of course no showcase for double gold-medal winning Laura Trott would be complete without Goldenballs getting in the act too.

Becks was once the nation’s sporting icon, a role that reached its apex when the ex-Man U star, virtually single-handedly, rescued England’s World Cup qualification hopes. But that was 11 years ago.

It’s time to move aside, mate, and let the current generation of champions enjoy their days in the sun.

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