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I have no idea why I got a yellow card: Elise Christie's confusion as we look at her unlucky Olympics

Elise Christie's Olympics curse continued on Tuesday when she crashed early in her 1000 metres short track speed skating heat and, in the restarted race, was disqualified after finishing second.

Christie suffered a bad crash during the 1500m semi-final on Saturday but scans revealed no broken bones in an ankle injury, allowing her to compete on Tuesday morning.

And just when things seemed to be going her way with a second place finish in the 1000m heat, the triple world champion was given a yellow card.

She had crashed in the first run of the heat but a restart was ordered and she seemed to have taken full advantage, only to be stopped by a decision that she deemed confusing.

"I don't know how I got a yellow card," she told BBC Sport. "I have never had one in my life. I went up the inside and I passed the girl. I have no idea.

"The only thing I can think of is if the referee doesn't think I was safe enough to race. I can see why he might not want me to race like that. He was encouraging me to get off the ice."

Christie was disqualified from all three of her events in the 2014 Games in Sochi and says she is 'shell-shocked' after her bad luck continued to Pyeongchang.

"You'll have to ask me tomorrow how I feel," she said. "I'm a bit shell-shocked. I worked so hard to get back from this injury. I promise Britain I will fight back from this and I will come back in Beijing and hopefully I can do Britain proud then.

"I have so much belief in the programme and in myself. It wasn't through a lack of capability, it was just short track. What else can I say? Everyone has been a massive support - most of the people anyway."

But the 27-year-old vowed to return in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

"It's just frustrating having to wait four more years - it just wasn't meant to be this time," she said. "I would just like to thank all the kids who have sent me messages saying they are inspired.

"They have no idea how much that means to me. The fact five, six, seven year-olds find me inspiring brings tears to my eyes."

Elise Christie unlucky Olympics

Here we take a look at Christie's Olympic tale of woe, spanning the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi and Pyeongchang.

February 13 2014: Christie is disqualified from the 500m final at the Sochi Olympics after tangling with Italy's Arianna Fontana miday through the race.

February 15 2014: Christie suffers her second straight disqualification in Sochi due a controversial infringement at the finish line having appeared to win her 1500m heat.

February 21 2014: Christie's calamitous Winter Games comes to an end as she is disqualified again after tangling with China's Jianrou Li on the final bend of their 1000m semi-final.

February 23 2014: Christie reveals she was the subject of death threats in the wake of the Games from South Koreans disgruntled that one of her crashes took out favourite Park Seung-hi.

February 13 2018: Given a difficult lane draw in the final of her opening event of the Pyeongchang Games, the 500m, Christie tries to force her way through to third place on the penultimate lap of the race, and falls.

February 17 2018: Christie crashes on the final bend of her 1500m semi-final, piling into the barriers where she is attended by medics before leaving the venue on a stretcher. Subsequent scans reveal no broken bones, leaving open the possibility of her competing in the heats of her final event, the 1000m, on Tuesday.

February 20 2018: Christie faces a race against time to recover from her right ankle injury. She makes the start line but crashes early in her heat. Despite being in obvious pain she makes the start line again for the restarted race and finishes in second place, good enough for qualification, only to be disqualified by the race judges.

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