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In Pictures: London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony

Games lit up the world, says Seb Coe

By Helen William

Seb Coe hailed the London 2012 Olympics a big success last night and said thank you during the nation's final farewell to the Games.

Speaking with great pride during the closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, east London, he said: "On the first day of these Games I said we were determined to do it right. I said that these Games would see the best of us.

"On this last day I can conclude with these words: "When our time came - Britain we did it right. Thank you!"

The London 2012 chairman, himself a two-time Olympic 1500m champion, recognised the athletes for their world-beating performances, but spoke movingly of how Britain had backed the Games.

Lord Coe said: "Today sees the closing of a wonderful Games in a wonderful city.

"We lit the flame and lit up the world."

The success can be traced back to the people who built the stadiums and the Olympic Park from where was speaking that was once a disused and deprived district through to the organisers and the sports stars who put on a great show.

He told the packed crowd: "And thank you to the people of this country. The British people got behind London's bid and they got behind London's Games. Our opening ceremony proclaimed that these would be a Games for everyone. At our closing ceremony, we can say that these were a Games by everyone.

"London 2012 has played host to some incredible sport. To awe inspiring feats, that are the result of incredible dedication and skill by the world's great sports men and women.

"To all the Olympians who came to London to compete - thank you. Those of us who came to watch witnessed moments of heroism and heartbreak that will live long in the memory.

"You have our admiration and our congratulations."

Thousands of volunteers now have the right to carry the phrase 'I made London 2012' with them as a badge of honour, according to Lord Coe.

London 2012 has had the backing of the International Olympic Committee "every step of the way," he noted.

It has all been part of "two glorious weeks" which he believes can carry the Olympic spirit on and inspire a generation.

Closing ceremony in numbers

By Ellen Branagh and Wesley Johnson

With a cast of thousands watched by billions across the world, the closing ceremony provided a stunning chronicle of British music through the ages.

Here are the numbers behind the multimillion-pound production:

  • 2 cannons used during the closing ceremony.
  • 4 tipper trucks used in one section of the extravaganza.
  • 6 flying machines featured in the show.
  • 20 large inflatable silver pinballs were released among the athletes.
  • At least 40 members of gymnastics troupe Spelbound.
  • 40 hours three people spent lining up the images to the irregular shape of the seating bowls.
  • 50 scooters pimped up by the cast themselves.
  • 50, the diameter in metres of the octopus when fully extended.
  • 101 fragments used to create the face of John Lennon.
  • 108 vehicles in the first scene - 10 black cabs, 10 wedding cars, 10 vintage cars, 10 sports cars, 10 modern cars, 10 cars with trailers, 10 trucks, 10 mopeds, four white vans, eight bikes, eight folding bikes, and eight skateboards.
  • 270 children formed the River Thames from 10 schools.
  • 3,500 in the cast of the London 2012 closing ceremony.
  • 5,600 square metres - the specially commissioned floor covering created by Damien Hirst.
  • 10,000 lights used to transform the newsprint city into a luminous fun fair in the fairground scene.
  • 70,799 small panels mounted between the seats to create the audience pixel screen, each one with nine LED pixels.

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