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Olympic Chambers boys have fans gnawing nails across Northern Ireland

Silver medal winners Peter and Richard Chambers put friends and family through an emotional roller-coaster yesterday.

The race for Olympic glory was almost too much to bear for some of the fans back home who were glued to their TV screens during the nail-biting final of the men's lightweight fours.

Hundreds of people squeezed into Coleraine Baptist Church, the brothers local place of worship - and many more watched the bog screens at Belfast City Hall.

Friends of the Chambers family — who are prominent figures in the church — gathered from early morning to secure their seat in front of the big screen.

Their mother, Gillian, said silver was a fantastic result.

"I am completely delighted," she said. "That was a ridiculously tough race. It was amazing, I am so proud. I hope they are not disappointed. At that level that achievement is just too fantastic to consider it a disappointment.

"It was an unbelievably tough race. If they are disappointed, I will be disappointed with them. I think they will be very proud of what they have done."

Older brother Richard, 27, was called the wrong name during the medal ceremony, when the stadium announcer introduced him as "Richard Williams".

His mother laughed off the gaffe. "We know who he is, that's all the matters to us," she said.


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