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Olympics 2016: Games chiefs are left feeling green as pool changes colour

By Adam McKendry

The organisers of the Olympic Games in Rio have had enough to deal with over the last month in terms of doping scandals and Russian participants.

So when officials arrived at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre ready to set up for another busy day of diving action, they probably feared the worst when they came across their diving pool filled with green water.

Only a day earlier, when British pair Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow won bronze in the 10m synchronized diving, the pool was a crystal clear blue.

But overnight the tranquil waters had been replaced by a murky liquid that resembled the Brazilian flag more than it did an Olympic-standard diving pool.

Daley himself tweeted a picture of the green pool, alongside the still blue pool used for swimming, with the caption, "Ermmm...what happened?!"

Immediately concerns were raised over whether this was dangerous for those who would be diving into it, but officials were quick to allay any fears spectators had.

Although no official announcement was made regarding why the pool had indeed changed colour so quickly, the likely reason was that it had not been "shocked" with chlorine the night before.

The green colour is caused by algae in the water, which are usually killed by the chlorine, however it is believed that officials forgot to shock the water the previous night.

Despite its unusual appearance, divers were assured the water was safe to compete in and the day's action continued as planned.

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